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Total Triage

A New System Called Total Triage is coming to Bulbanks Medical Centre

All of our dedicated team at Bulbanks Medical Centre believe we can offer you an outstanding, improved, efficient experience if we use eConsult as a Total Triage system for all requests, whether it is for an appointment or any other type of request both clinical and administrative.

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What is Total Triage

It means that your requests received by eConsult, both clinical and administrative will be assessed and a decision will be taken to the most appropriate course of action, for instance an appointment arranged, an investigation organised or an administrative task carried out.


What is eConsult?

It’s an online form that you complete to detail your request both clinical and administrative. It can be completed on your smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet or via the NHS App

We have been using eConsult for some time now so many of you will be familiar with using this already although in future all requests will need to be made using eConsult.  For those that have not used it yet, it is an NHS-approved ‘digital triage and patient history-taking tool’ or it could be described simply as a form on the website that guides you through specific questions in relation to the issue that has been selected.  The eConsult form has been designed to enhance your access, improve practice efficiency and signpost you to the right place at the right time for your care.

For anyone in our patient population that is unable to use or complete an eConsult there will be dedicated administrators who complete an eConsult on your behalf, contact the surgery and this will be arranged for you.


What Are The Benefits Of Using eConsult and a Total Triage System For All My Requests Both Clinical and Medical?

  • It saves you time, saves you a trip to the surgery and your query may be resolved with a phone call, video consultation or text.
  • It is user friendly; you can access eConsult wherever and whenever you want, at home, at work, on holiday or on the move. You can access it via a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is also available via the NHS App, which we strongly urge you to download to use.
  • It asks the same questions that a doctor would in a consultation, but you have more time to think about your answers.  You can also add pictures if appropriate. You can complete an eConsult query for a child over 5 years of age. For under 5’s please contact the surgery.

Examples of where eConsult can make your life easier:

  • requests for letters and sick notes
  • Diagnosis and advice about treatment without the need for a face to face appointment
  • Opportunity for you and your doctor to plan investigations before seeing a GP – meaning one appointment rather than two.
  • When you are planning a trip and want advice on travel health and vaccinations
  • Contraceptive pill checks and some other long-term condition reviews
  • Supports self-care: medical advice is available via eConsult at any time.  It includes NHS self-help information, pharmacy advice, signposting to other services and an on-line symptom checker

Clinically-supported and digitally safe: eConsult was created by NHS GPs for you and is under constant review .The robust ‘red flagging’ system applied to every eConsult enquiry ensures that urgently worrying symptoms are directed immediately to a person-based service. eConsult uses the highest security standards to ensure patient information is always secure.

Why does Bulbanks Medical Centre Love eConsult? Because knowing your symptoms upfront helps the practice develop you the help you need from the right person straightaway. Gathering information in a standard format helps doctors address patient needs efficiently and admin queries are filtered directly to the correct team.

Why eConsult is great for you? Total Triage ensures that your eConsult is directed appropriately making this an improved efficient experience.

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All the best from the team at Bulbanks Medical Centre

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